The Late Pat Hansen
The Late Pat Hansen.

Hansen Music has been Billings, Montana’s premiere music equipment and service center since 1947 and was developed into the largest Billings music store by the late, the great, Pat Hansen and the continued strength of the Hansen Music team that he started.

Hansen Music provides musical instruments for every need in the musical community including school band and orchestra, facility outfitting, regional performers, local artists and private enthusiasts and equipment service is unmatched.

The store stocks Guitars, Amps, Effects, Drums, Folk Instruments, Band & Orchestra Instruments and Rentals, Sheet Music, Professional Audio, Accessories and Gear, and Keyboards.

Guitar, Drum, and Vocal lessons are also available.

Your Hansen Music Team

Hansen Music Bob Whitmer
Bob Whitmer Senior team member and the facility enforcer, Bob is the operational master for Hansen Music. A long time blues guitar player in countless bands in the region and decades of store experience, Bob will ensure you get a good set-up and service.
Art Eichele Hanson Music
Art Eichele Senior team member, head of equipment service and the in-shop “burning fingers” guitar player. Art supplies demos and expertise for a variety of axes at the store. Also a longtime regional artist, you can still see Art perform live with the Billings rock group “Zen.”
Jason "Sonic" Foster Hansen Music
Jason “Sonic” Foster Jason is our Hansen Team’s percussion specialist. With years of professional playing, he is a pro at helping you select the right set-up, find cool new accessories, repair your current kits, and provides drum lessons and impress you on stage with his bands.
Todd Naas Hansen Music
Todd Naas Todd is your Hansen Music Team wind instrument and school band and orchestra wizard. He is our resident saxophone player and knows his way around the store’s sheet music and accessory areas like a pro.
Al Arellano
Al Arellano is our Hansen Team’s customer support and percussion specialist. Al continues to play drums for a variety of regional pro musicians. He is well versed on accessories and all of the associated gear, and other store areas.
Alex Bush
Alex Bush is one of our support members with experience including tech support for equipment, accessories, instruments and knows live sound, recording, and digital equipment. Bush plays with regional artists and coordinates venue music.
Ken Hatchitt
Ken Hatchitt grew up with Motown and Old Country, eventually moving into Rock, Blues, Folk and Jazz as well. He’ll tell you he loves all types of music saying “What don’t I like!” Ken plays guitar, ukulele and some Bass, Drums and Keys. He has a focus on home recording technology.