Hansen Music provides a wide variety of instrument and hardware repair and service

Equipment Selection Service

Hansen Music team members are ready to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Our unmatched customer service experience and cutting-edge equipment knowledge will help match the gear to your requirements every time. Take advantage of our expertise, whether you are looking for a new item for yourself or a gift for someone else. Our extensive in-stock inventory provides plenty to choose from and items can be ordered quickly from our vendors.

The Hansen Music Set-Up Standard

All equipment for sale at Hansen Music is professionally-configured for standard use, is adjusted for the most optimum performance possible and is ready to use on stage. Should your personal style vary from the original set-up, a team professional will make the necessary adjustments before you leave the store. Performance quality is our goal and we have decades of professional experience when it comes to making an instrument sing.

Guitar Service

Get your guitars playing like they should, with a professional tune-up from Hansen Music. Interested in trying some heavier strings or a new set of pickups? Major changes on one part of a guitar typically requires adjustments throughout the rest of the neck and body for the finest performance. Bring your guitar in and speak with a service specialist to make sure your equipment receives quality hardware selections, installation and configuration.

Amp Service

Today’s amplifiers span the greatest range of classic hardware and the newest electronic technology. A service associate can assist you with any available equipment warranties. If your amp is not operating properly, bring it in for an inspection and professional servicing. Explore new options for speakers, effects, tubes and other amp accessories. Didn’t buy the equipment at Hansen Music? No problem, we can help you get your amp back on the road.

Percussion Service

A lot of hardware and moving parts are involved with percussion assemblies and keeping an eye on maintenance is mission critical. From special part installation to professional tuning and adjustments, Hansen music can help you service your percussion equipment.

PA Service

New speakers, soldering, knobs and a variety of other PA hardware components are available, including professional installation of the new parts. If your equipment is still under warranty, or you are not sure, bring the equipment in and we can help you determine the best way forward to get your sound loud again.