Guitar, Bass, Drum & Vocal Lessons

Play it Live!

Take advantage of professional Guitar, Bass, Drum and Vocal Lessons at Hansen Music. From an instrument fit to your first lesson, our music teachers will get you on your way to playing music like a pro.

Whether you are completely new to an instrument or want to go on to the next level, Hansen Music will help get you there.

Lesson Teachers

Guitar Lessons with Chuck Holland
Guitar Lessons with Chuck Holland Rock the idea of Chuck Holland lessons, with hands that have entertained the region for decades and provided a style of Senior intructor at Hansen Music. Chuck performs in personal projects, public communities and several of Billings’ rock groups. He has provided lessons with Hansen Music for several years and is a blast to learn with. If you know what 5150 means, then you’ll understand Chucks burning guitar interests, flavor and seasoned experience.
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Guitar Lessons with Raphael Lopez
Guitar Lessons with Raphael Lopez
Raphael Lopez provides a wide variety of teaching styles, that stem from his years of playing, education and musical experience. While leaning towards jazz guitar on his personal sessions, Lopez is open to any form of guitar a student can think of, and welcomes the opportunity to help a new guitar player grow. Versed in several genres, he has the ability to provide a student with the both the technical and style sides of the particular guitar playing category.
Drum Lessons With Matt Devitt
Drums Lessons with Matt Devitt
The world needs more drummers and good ones at that. If you want to learn from a pro percussion artist that has his hands in a variety of styles like Jazz, funk and the heaviest of metal, turn to Matt Devitt, one of the regions finest percussion players. Devitt currently plays with several live music and recording projects, along with several big name sit-ins including big band and popular Jazz festivals that invite national professionals to perform in the Northwest.
Jason "Sonic" Foster Hansen Music
Drums Lessons with Jason Foster
Meet Jason, one of our regional pro drum artists and instructors at Hansen Music. You might have seen perform with Bucky Beaver Ground Grippers among several other popular regional bands. If you’re interested in playing drums and learning about great kit setup and maintenance, talk to Jason. He is also a drum technician and representative at the store.
Vocal Lessons with Frank Wilson
Bass Lessons with Alex Bush
Alex Bush is has academic training in traditional and electric bass playing. He is one of our support members with experience including tech support for equipment, accessories, instruments and knows live sound, recording, and digital equipment. Bush plays with regional artists and coordinates local music.
Vocal Lessons with Frank Wilson
Vocal Lessons with Frank Wilson
If you know it’s time to pick up the microphone, then look no further that Frank Wilson to help you understand the vocal fundamentals and advanced techniques for performing and recording. There are a lot of singers out there, but the trained voice has an edge.