School Band & Orchestra Rentals

School Band Rentals School Band Rentals

Hansen Music is the premiere music equipment and service provider for band & orchestra requirements in Billings, Montana and the greater region. We assist the beginner musician and propel the start of their musical experience.

Rental Instruments & Monthly Costs

Hansen Music has all the school band & orchestra equipment you need to get a starting musician playing or an experienced player into an upgraded instrument.

There are several instrument choices that are available to students. The monthly rental fees are as follows.

Rental payments are due on the first of each month. The renter must pay a minimum rental of two months, after which the instrument may be returned in good condition, with no further obligation.

Some instruments are available on a “rent to own basis.” Ask a Hansen Music team member for details.

Use The Rental Form to Start the Process Today

  • Flute $25
  • Clarinet $25
  • Alto Saxophone $50
  • Tenor Saxophone $50-$75
  • Trumpet $30
  • Trombone $30
  • Baritone $50-$75

  • French Horn $75
  • Bell Kit $25
  • Snare/Bell Kit $25
  • Violin $25
  • Viola $25
  • Cello $50

We Carry Every Instrument for School Band and Orchestra

Flute Rental Hanse Music
Flute Rental
Clarinet Rental Hansen Music
Clarinet Rental
Alto Saxophone Rental Hansen Music
Alto Saxophone Rental
Tenor Saxophone Hansen Music
Tenor Saxophone Rental
Trumpet Rental Hansen Music
Trumpet Rental
Trombone Rental Hansen Music
Trombone Rental
Baritone Rental Hansen Music
Baritone Rental
French Horn Rental Hansen Music
French Horn
Bell Kit Rental Hansen Music
Bell Kit Rental
Snare and Bell Kit Rental
Snare & Bell Kit Rental
Violin Rental Hansen Music
Violin Rental
Violin Rental Hansen Music
Viola Rental
Cello Rental Hansen Music
Cello Rental

Woodwind and Brasswind Brands We Carry

Starting School Band or Orchestra? Start Your rental here.

Knilling Stringed Orchestra Instruments
Knilling Orchestra Instruments
Jupiter Brass Instruments
Jupiter Brass Instruments
MAPEX Percussion
MAPEX Snare Kits
Pearl Drums and Hardware
Pearl Drums and Hardware

Sheet Music and Accessories

Hansen Music stocks required school band & orchestra sheet music as well as an explosion of other classic and contemporary artist music. We have music stands, cases, hardware, reeds, mouthpieces and other accessories in stock.

Alfred Sheet Music
Alfred Sheet Music
Willis Music Sheet Music
Willis Music Sheet Music
MEL BAY Sheet Music
MEL BAY Sheet Music
NOVUS Sheet Music
NOVUS Sheet Music
Hal Leonard Sheet Music
Hal Leonard Sheet Music
FJH Sheet Music
FJH Sheet Music
Hollywood Winds Sheet Music
Hollywood Winds Sheet Music
Kjos Sheet Music
Kjos Sheet music